Cellar Pub "Scheels"

Romantik Hotel Scheelehof in Stralsund

The rustic cellar pub in the Scheelehof


Here you can comfortably end the day. Enjoy freshly tapped beer from Störtebeker Braumanufaktur, good whiskies and delicious cocktails.

Live music


LIVE MUSIC and parties at SCHEELS

Live music

All year around

Every Friday from 8pm

Drinks&Dance Night

All year around

One Saturday a month from 8pm

free entrance

Openings hours

Thu - Sat

terrace bar - 7 pm till 10 pm (during summer)

cellar pub - from 7 pm


You can easily make your table reservation online here

You are also welcome to contact us by telephone on 03831/2833-112 or by e-mail at info@scheelehof.de.

Romantik Hotel Scheelehof Zum Scheele

Restaurant Zum Scheele

From ingenious regional to creative cosmopolitan

Romantik Hotel Scheelehof Kontor Scheele


Here you can find your favorite coffee


Fährstraße 23 – 25
18439 Stralsund

Fährstraße 23 – 25

18439 Stralsund

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